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Review: Miss Me Not - Tiffany King

Title: Miss Me Not, 
Author: Tiffany King
Published: November 22nd 2012
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Rating: 4 stars

Summary from goodreads: 
Miss Me Not is a beautiful story of self-discovery, forgiveness, caring, and love. 

Madison Hanson's past demons have given her a shadow of an existence with little hope. With the sudden tragic death of a fellow student, Madison questions her own life choices, and is now forced to evaluate everything she thought she believed in. When fate intervenes and partners her with Dean Jackson, a popular "all around good guy" from school, Madison gets a glimpse of a life that is filled with sunshine that has the power to break through the darkness she has cloaked herself in. 
With Dean's help, Madison discovers a desire to finally step out of the shadows, and embrace life and all its gifts.

What I think: This book leaves you with so many different feelings; love, betrayal, grief, loss, joy and so much more. Being a very emotional person reading a book is stepping into someone's life, stepping into Madison's made me see how good mine is. It's not a given that your family loves you and that you have friends that support you. 

Madison had a troubled youth; it's even up to a point that she wants to turn into a shadow and just dreams of being forgotten. After reading the first few chapters I was a little disturbed about the way Madison saw herself, I felt so sad and could not even belief that any sort of action could lead to this. No parent should ever abandon their child as Madison's parents did. It is heart wrenching to think about a life where you believe no one really cares about you.

A logical step, at least to Madison was making an end to her life. It is hard for me to understand why someone would want to take their life. Yes, I've also been in bad places and there were times when I thought what am I doing here, but still suicide is a big step. Walking in Madison's footsteps made me more aware of the way a person in a depression thinks and also made me realize that they really do not see another way out. 

So, Madison's big plan is to go out in the smallest way possible and she thinks this is suicide. She is convinced no one would even notice she's gone. But when a boy from her school takes his life before she even gets the chance she sees the impact it has on her community. And let's say this is not what she expected. She didn't want people to fake-cry over her; she didn't want the 'populars' to shed only one tear. And before Madison even knows it her new tutor has pushed him in her life, with only one goal; saving her.  

With every page you feel a bit more light coming into the story, this book really made me see things and also believe in the good on people a little more. This book really is about the good, it might seem dark and angry, but it really isn't. 

I'll stop rambling, I very much advise you to read this book. It might confront you and make you feel all sad inside, but it's definitely worth it! 

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