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On this page you find all my book babble, except for the reviews of course, for that visit 
this page. I love finding out about new books and authors. There isn't a day that I'm not reading or looking for my next read. Books are what make the world go round; at least they do in my world. You could say that I'm addicted, but if I need to have an addiction I'm glad this one is mine. 

Enough off my babbling I hope you find what you're looking for! If not don't be afraid to contact me, it’s really my pleasure and I love meeting other book fanatics. 

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♥ The Trouble With Goodbye - Sarra Cannon

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My favourite is my weekly post where I reveal what I like most in our bookish little world. I started it because I really needed an outlet for all the different favourites I have. It was starting to get crazy, who can only have one favourite of something? Well, definitely not me!

I hope you find some inspiration here and I would love seeing you're favourites. You could comment or blog, just link back to me (PursuitofBooks), because even if you don't believe it, I also need some inspiration from time to time.

Past my favourites:

 My favourite summer reads of 2014

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