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Review: The Unidentified Redhead - Alice Clayton

Title: The Unidentified Redhead (Redhead Series #1)
Author: Alice Clayton
Published: February 16th 2010 by Omnific Publishing
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Rating: 4,5 stars

Summary from goodreads: When Grace Sheridan returns to Los Angeles to become a working actress, it’s a second shot at a life-long dream. With some help from her best-friend agent, will that dream become a reality—or at thirty-three, has Grace missed her chance at the big time? And when an unexpected sizzling romance with Jack Hamilton, the entertainment industry's newest “it” boy, threatens to shine an uncomfortable spotlight on her life, how will that affect her career…and his?

Funny, borderline neurotic Grace is perfect in her imperfections, and the sexual chemistry between her and charming yet blissfully unaware Jack is off the charts. With laugh-out-loud dialogue and a super-steamy romance that will get your heart racing, sneaking around in L.A. and dodging the paparazzi has never been so fun.

What I think: Oh my, this book was just, hilarious, sexy, down-to-earth and I could not stop laughing throughout the whole book. This has been one of the best Contemporary Romances I've read in a very long time!

Our main characters, Jack and Grace have this crazy chemistry between them and can't seem to stay away from each other. I love Gracie, she is confident, funny (she can even laugh about herself), a great friend and lover. I can't even start about Jack (or George, haha) he seems so lovely and sweet and that for a 24 year old. You can just feel that he puts his whole heart in this relationship. Also the other characters have so much more depth than the usual book, I really got the feeling that I got to know them as characters.  

I had been told that this was a lot like ‘Love Unscripted’, but then a little naughtier or let's say dirty. But never thought that it would be this erotic. When you start there are no indications about how dirty it's going to get. Be warned that it is going to get steamy, and not just a little but tremendously steamy. Loved it though, could have been a little less but on the other hand fitted the characters perfectly!

I really recommend this book to anyone who is feeling down or depressed, you will laugh abundantly about these crazy, heart melting people that try to make it as a couple in this massive city. But it’s also just a perfect book for when you really need a good laugh; I can assure you it will bring a smile on your face.

One last note can't wait to start reading book 2 and see how this love story wil continue!

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