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Review: Play with me - Piper Shelly

Title: Play with me (Grover Beach Team #1)
Author: Piper Shelly
Published: December 9th 2012, self published
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Rating: 4 stars

Summary from goodreads: 
A short, sweet novella.

Ryan Hunter's parties are legend. And tonight she's going to be there.

Liza Matthews anticipates the return of her best friend and only love since kindergarten from soccer camp. But when Tony finally shows up, his mind is more focused on another girl. And worse, she's a soccer player. Fighting for the attention Liza craves, she's just a hairbreadth away from making a very stupid decision. But when extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, she's prepared to play ball to get her man.

The tryouts are hell, the first match ends bloody, and the morning after the selection party she wakes up in the worst place possible—in the arms of the captain of the soccer team. The hottest guy in school. Ryan Hunter.

What I think: Having an overload on study material, reading this sweet little novella in between study books really made my day.

It is definitely a one-read book and for a self-published book edited quite well. The story sucks you in from the start. Even though Liza Matthews seems a bit obsessed with her life time crush and best friend Tony it's hard to not vote for her in her search for love. I liked her attitude a lot; she is sensitive, stubborn and resilient. She is not someone who gives up easily and she's proud of who she is and not ashamed of herself. 

Hot, sexy, gorgeous, charming, sweet and captain of the soccer team. This can only describe one awesomely crushable person in this book, Ryan Hunter. If he was real, I would be a fan; hang a poster of him above my bed and dream all day long of his face, body and just everything. 

Let's just say that Ryan is every high school girls dream and Liza is from my perspective the luckiest girl on the planet. 

I would love for this book to become a full length novel. Lucky for us Piper Shelly has written a second book 'Ryan Hunter' which tells the story from Ryan's point of view. So there will be more crushing and day dreaming about this hottie!

If you are in for a short romantic, sweep you off your feed kind of book. This is definatelly a good read for you!

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